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Karmic Clearing

Opening Our Spiritual Eyes: Karmic Clearing for Humanity and the Earth by SRI'AMA QALA PHOENIX

Opening Our Spiritual Eyes: Karmic Clearing for Humanity and the Earth

Now available at

OPENING HEARTS - Enlightening the Energy Field Of the Cities of our World! We invite you to join the celestial project in world-wide linkups and prayers for the benefit of yourself and all beings.

If you would like to help support The Celestial Project work for the benefit of all beings, please use the Donate button below.


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Karma Clearing

Karma is simply the energy left unbalanced by acts, deeds and intentions that harm, hinder or negatively influence or affect oneself or others. Many have used the term, karma, as the collective sum of all deeds and acts of a soul, but in truth the karma that influences our humanity is held in three planes of consciousness – the soul plane, spiritual plane and the physical plane.

These three planes may be related to the personal (soul plane), the collective (spiritual plane) and the earth (the physical plane). All forms of karma are sourced from at least one of these planes of consciousness.

  1. Personal Karma: Your soul’s karma – this is the unresolved energy that lies between your mind and your heart. This creates your mind and heart not to work or unite as one in some matters of your life. Personal karma is sourced from the soul plane.
  2. Family Karma: Your family’s karma - the acts and deeds made as a family where there is unresolved energy held between your heart and all in your family. This creates your heart not to be fully open to members in your family regarding some matters in your life. Family karma is also sourced from the soul plane.
  3. Collective Karma: Your collective karma – this is the unresolved energy held between your heart and the heart of humanity. This creates your heart not to be fully open to your fellow humanity in regards to some matters in your life. Collective karma is sourced from the spiritual planes.
  4. Planetary Karma: Your spirit’s karma with the earth – this is the unresolved energy held between your heart and Mother Earth. This is the karma you must balance to feel one with Mother Earth and fully supported by her in all matters in your life. This form of karma can only be balanced through service. Planetary karma is sourced from the Soul Plane, Spiritual Plane and Physical Plane. This form of karma affects your physical reality more than any other karma. It also often takes the longest time to balance.

There is no hard and fast rule with clearing karma. The following strategies may assist you, but most importantly, you will notice that when you take the time to take responsibility for your life and accept all as it is now, you will have the power to open your heart and forgive.

Opening the heart and forgiving is the action that clears karma from one’s heart connection. As karma is the source of all heart blockages and it is only energy in an unresolved state in polarity to your true light vibration, you are the most powerful being to work with this karma.


When meeting karma, one always feels less than whole in that moment and one is challenged in some way.

  1. Consider firstly, the positive in your situation. It could be worse than it is. Be grateful for what you are blessed with and ask for divine assistance with that which feels difficult. Give thanks and pray regularly.
  2. Work on opening your heart for you have an abundance of love and light within your heart, but only you can open it to this situation or life challenge.
  3. It may seem impossible, but remember that with love and light, anything is possible. You do have this divine energy inside of you, but you must align your will to using it. WILL YOU CHOOSE TO CHANGE INWARDLY so this karma can be balanced? OR WILL YOU STAY THE SAME and continue to feed this karma for it to be your life experience? WHAT DO YOU NEED TO LET GO OF? Are you blaming yourself or others?
  4. Accept you are a divine being even if you do not have a divine life of happiness and grace in all matters. Accepting your divinity will allow you to forgive yourself and others. If you accept your divinity, you must accept the divinity in others. Accepting your divinity opens your mind to accepting God’s assistance or assistance from the Universe. WILL YOU ACCEPT DIVINE ASSISTANCE?
  5. Own that you have created this karmic lesson for a reason. ASK THE UNIVERSE TO SHOW YOU WHAT YOUR LIFE LESSON IS? What must you learn to open your heart to more in life? This is a part of your lesson.
  6. Once you recognize your life lesson, align your choices in life, your words, thoughts and your deeds to this life lesson. Then ask for Karmic Absolution for the karma. Open your heart and send love and light to every being involved in this karmic situation with you, and choose to forgive yourself and all others involved. Ask for the blessings to go to all involved so this karma can be finally resolved. Honour that forgiveness is truly made when one is able to send love, without pain, to that which you are forgiving.
  7. Accept that once the karma is balanced, a great gift will come to you from this transformation. A greater gift than you can imagine will birth in your life personally, from you embracing your karma, owning it and taking responsibility for the energy, forgiving it and transforming it to more deeply open your heart.
  8. ASK IF YOU NEED TO DO SERVICE TO BALANCE THE REST OF YOUR KARMA. Ask for guidance on what form of service will be the most beneficial for you and the world, beloved.


Introduction to the World Meditations for Karmic Clearing

Prayer for Karmic Clearing